Friday, March 15, 2013

a rational risk..

so once again..
I face the end of what was..
the beginning of something new
that is still
yet to come.

For no sinister reason..
no unkind exchange..
no spite or malice:
just life-
just timing-
not for us.

And yet,
no matter the reason..
it hurts!
The loss of HOPE,
the missing of what WAS
or might have been.
the acceptance
of heading out THERE again.

I had almost forgotten
how a heart ache could feel..

But, I have learned
that the heart never forgets!
A small bump,
a severing cut,
a painful bruise...
after a while it all feels the same!

The hurt travels
down a familiar path-
no rhyme or reason
and no reprieve!
The mind can gain an ability
to be objective
that the heart never does!

I have hurt before..
I have certainly lived through
my own personal hell..
of heart break and loss!
the loss of hope is sad
but not devastating!
a set back, disapointment
or bump in the road- is just that!

Could someone mention
that to my heart?