Monday, April 22, 2013

Learning to fall....

I am learning that falling
is easy..
its the landing thats scary!

What will be waiting when you get there..
will the landing be soft?
or will it leave you broken and bruised?
will the landing be followed
by a journey,
or will the journey
end with the fall?

and yet, of all the aspects
of the ride,
the fall can be the prettiest..
the most graceful..
the biggest rush!

It's the scariest..
the most thrilling...
the part of the ride with the
fewest guarantees..

but, if by chance..
the fall
is the beginning
of something
that you have yet to even imagine;
you may not be falling;
you may actually be learning
how to fly!


  1. Falling or flying..either one is thrilling! Be well and hang on!!

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