Thursday, June 13, 2013

Remember when...

Tonight I had a 'flash back'..
to a time when life was NOT content.
I was transported to a memory
which found me
sad, and desperate, and scared.
I remembered what it was to crave
and to long to be released.
In that memory,
I also walked through
the strength it took to leave.
The power I had to summon
to face my fears,
and live out my bad dreams.
And what I remembered most?
is that I did it!
I survived!
I overcame!
and now..
life sometimes hurts!
It some times makes me wonder
and when?
and what next?
but, it does not find me hiding..
or cringing..!
so remembering 'when'
helped me to remember that 'now'
I will be OK!
more then ok...!
I have faced worse and survived.
piece of cake!

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