Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Too much Jade..or the right shade?

a date that was 'blah' to me,
ended with an attack of words
on the rejected parties part!

I was told that I am too jaded
to see a good thing!
I will admit..
several men have tried to 'woo' me
over the past few months,
and maybe they all would say the same thing!


here is what I think!
I am a little jaded.
I do not put too much stock
in the pretty words,
and heady emotions
that tend to start off
a new relationship!
I think its fun,
and allow it the due
it deserves..
but what I put value on,
is the part that is too come!!

The part AFTER the 'puppy love'..
the part BEYOND the 'infatuation!

The moment when this man
who thinks the fact that I burn everything
is adorable at first;
has now experienced it
and decided that while its not as cute
as he thought...
its still OK!
THAT part!!

The part where I have gotten lost
several times
or asked for more communication..
or pouted a little because my feelings are hurt,
or brought home a stray cat, or goat or cow:)
and its still OK!

the part that follows the beginning!
The part that precedes forever!

Do I believe in all that?
because I have seen it in action!
my parents have loved eachother for 47 years!
I have a sister happily married..
and friends who have found love 'again'.
And bigger then that..
I believe in the perfection of my father above's plan.

So, I am hesistant!
and I am careful!
I do not rush to give my heart
because I know that when I do,
I will give it completely!

but, jaded beyond measure?
yes, yes and yes!

beyond hope?
not on your life!

1 comment:

  1. Guy's a loser..doesn't know wisdom from cynicism. And his behavior proved your intuition correct. :)