Sunday, March 25, 2012

I think its time to say goodbye...

Time to move on...

It hard to believe that
my single again..
rebound brokenness..
began ALMOST 3 1/2 years ago.
This blog was started over
3 years ago.

My dad often says
'to everything there is a season'
and I feel like this season
for me,
is done!

No, I am not involved with anyone!
Yes, I am still very single!

the journey seems to have
reached an end.
At least this part of it...
I seem to have settled in the place
I am.
Where I began
is so different then where I am now.

I was broken,
now I am whole.
I had lost my identity,
now I am sure of who I am.
I was willing to compromise
now I stand strong!
I was unsure if I could be alone.
now I know I can!
I did not know if I ever wanted love again,
now I am sure that I do!

I do not know what the future holds..
If I am meant to be single
I know that I will be OK!
But, what I am able to acknowledge now
is that I hope to find love and goodness and forever.

I have taken this last year
and taken some chances,
some dead ends
and some wrong turns!
I have learned that dating can be tough,
and that sometimes
just waiting is better!
I have learned that friendships
are invaluable!
I have learned that family time
That teaching my children
to be happy with less
is a lesson worth learning!!
That even with less we can do more
then we imagined!!
I have learned to co-parent with grace,
a lesson that has been learned
by both parents involved!
I have learned how to navigate
the single life
without compromising being a mom
first and foremost!
I have learned to ask for help..
and to become as self sufficient as I can.

I have learned so much
that I would not have learned
without purpose!
and much I could have lived without
learning at all...

My blog has been my therapy..
but as life has settled so have my posts!
And now, I think
that its time to let go of the blog...
not close it!
but, keep it to look back on..
while hoping that if down the road;
I ever post again-
it will be not so single..
in a world not quite as complicated!!:)


  1. You continue to take good care of yourself

  2. So excited for you! Go Debbie GO!

  3. You are a winner and an inspiration!

    I will miss your blog (even if I haven't been around as much as I would like).

  4. Hello Debbie,

    It's been a long while since I've read your blog or even blogged myself on a personal level. I'm glad you feel like you've turned a corner. That's really positive and also proof of the old adage "Time is a great healer". Can I make a suggestion though? Don't stop blogging, simply continue in a different vein. Blogging is part of who you are, It is been part of the healing process, part of your self discovery. Keep at it but with a different perspective.

    Best Wishes

  5. Oh no. I also took some time off and am sad to come back a little late to say goodbye.
    I love the words you have written. Not only do they sound as if you have found health, self assurance and happiness, I too feel as though we walked the path together. Mine just a little ahead of you.
    I hope at some point you come back. I know how we get to a point where our story is told...for a while. But life is a longer story than just one chapter. If you do not return, I wish you and your beautiful family so much happiness and love. Goodbye friend.