Tuesday, September 11, 2012

not THAT ready...

so for almost 10 months
for reasons of my own..
I have not been on any 'dates'
(fix-ups,blind dates,ect)

so I finally decided it was time.
to say yes to  a date...
so I did.

It was not awful!
but, it was not good...
it felt like hard work!

and I once again know
I am ready!
but not ready at all costs..
not ready for readiness sake..
I am ready for right!

I am happy with my life..
and what I hope for
will only be found
in the arms of the right person!

I can find companionship
with my friends..
and I do!
I can find happiness
with my kids...
and I do!
I can find fulfillment
in my work....
and I do!

but not THAT ready!

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