Monday, September 24, 2012

Enjoy it now...

My daughter is almost 13.
A great age to talk and chat with!

We had some time in the car
we talked about boys!:)
She is still sure that she has no interest,
and I just as sure
that soon she will.

As we talked
I encouraged her
to live her life,
enjoy the opportunities
still to come.
"Don't rush , my love.

Thats where I am!
Thats what I have!

As I spoke
I shared with her the joy I find
in my friends.
The small trips planned away..
the girls nights out.
The gym work outs,
the coffee's!

I married at 18..
I was married for almost 15 years
and then married again!
and then when I found myself single
I had to learn
how to like being alone,
How to be comfortable
in my own skin.
I had to figure out
how to enjoy myself.
Now, I really do!

Thats not to say
that someone worthwhile
will make me want to give up
some of these times..
but it is to say,
that I shall ENJOY it now!

I shall:
This moment..
This season...
This day!

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