Sunday, September 23, 2012

Living in a DATING world...

I sometimes wonder
what it must be like
for my girls,
to have a single mother!

Not, the daily living,
to be honest
we are pretty good at that!
But, the reality
of a mother in the dating world!

They never meet my dates,
and in fact
assume I am pretty dateless.
(often they assume right!)
But, I tease about the single teachers
and the cute football coaches,
and they just ROLE their eyes!

I have used it in moments
as an example!
Recently I went on a really
awful date!
The date started with a dozen roses.
The next day
when my children
saw the roses,
I told them about my evening!

I shared with them
that appearances and pretty words
are not to be trusted-without actions.
I told them about the beautiful roses,
and handsome man,
and complimentary words..
and yet, how really WRONG
of a fit it was!
Something I only knew
because I listened to what My head and gut said,
and did not get swept away
in the glitter of romantic gestures!

And so,
I am sure
its not easy having a mother
in the dating world.
But, I hope
the lessons they learn
along with me;
will make it all worth while!

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