Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Could you pick up some milk?

There is no doubt that being a parent
is exhausting!
the more children you have,
the more activities and friends they have,
the more running you do!

Sometimes just being a mom
says it all!

but, sometimes being a single mom
stands alone!

Tonight as I felt spent,
I tried to define why that is.
As parents we are all busy!

as a single mom-
when I have my kids
its all on me!
If we run out of milk,
there is no one else to send!
If one of my kids needs help with homework,
it does not matter whether I understand it-
its on me!
if there is sporting event
or church activity
or sleep over,
its on me!
forms that need to be filled out..
bills that need to be paid...
calls that need to be made..
projects that need to be done...
its on me!

Thats the hardest one!
The discipline...
The really big things,
I could call their dad.
But, in the day to day..
sassy girls..or hormonal pre-teens,
or angry teenager,
bad test grades or forgotten chores..
sibling fights
or lost items..
its on me!
even when I am at a loss..
even when I wish I could just talk it out
with some one else..
even when I know that in this moment
its beyond me,
its on me!!

And then there is the emotional part..
the hurts that need comforting,
the advice that needs giving..
the lessons that need instilling...
its on me!

When they are with their dad..
I get my break!
I make up for many full days
and refresh..
and then all of the above is on him!
and I am sure,
he would say the same!

Doing parenting alone
is rewarding..but...easy?
not at all!


  1. My kids rarely see their dad, and I've been wondering lately how I can refresh with the kids being with me all the time. Every day is exhausting! Many people don't understand how just a single day or overnight alone is all it takes to refresh and be a happy Mom again.

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