Monday, February 4, 2013

A life long friend ...

This is a happy birthday..
To a woman I call my best friend still..

We met when we were 14...
Something connected us!
She was blond with brown eyes..
I was brunette with blue!
She needed just a few close friends-
I never met someone
I did not think I would know for life!
She was crazy..
I was ditzy!
She was the good student
I was a mess!
She has an insanely clean room
I had never seen my floor!!
We balanced each other!

Our high school years were spent
Having sleepovers ...
Perming each others hair
And piercing our own ears!:)
Going to concerts and of course
Talking about boys!

The friendship that formed
Was thicker then the tears we each cried
over puppy love
And high school drama-
It carried us through decades of life to come!

Hers was the voice I wanted to hear
When I felt all alone and miles from home..
She was the friend I turned too
When my dreams turned into a nightmare...
She wiped my tears and held my hand!

As time passed and I refound my footing
Our friendship has evolved
And we have become each others safe place!

We don't have to talk daily or even weekly..
And yet when we are together
It's as if time has stood still!

I am thankful beyond measure
For a friendship
That has stood the test of time and trials..
Happy birthday nance!!!


  1. What a blessing to still have that childhood friend. One who knows all the warts and whose ties are thicker than blood! Happy Birthday to your friend!