Thursday, November 21, 2013

5 years ago today....

5 years ago today my children were in school.
they did not know it was their last day there.
they did not know they would not see those friends again.
they did not know..
nor did I!

5 years ago today my heart was broken.
I was feeling hopeless
I was feeling despair,
I was feeling trapped.
I did not know what I would do...
I fretted....

5 years ago today I knew I had made a terrible mistake.
I knew I should not be where I was
and never should have been there to begin with.
I knew it would not get better.
I knew it was getting worse.
I knew.......

5 years ago today I broke.
I had enough.
I reached my limit.
I decided I would not take it any more.
I fled. I ran.
I left my home, my phone, my hell..behind.
I escaped....

5 years ago today I faced the darkest weekend of my life.
I was lonely.
I was isolated.
I was scared.
I sheltered myself even from those who wanted to help.
I ran from the one I knew would hurt.
I hid....

5 years ago today I faced my dragon.
I stood up for myself.
I found strength within myself I did not know was there.
I shook like a leaf
but I never fell.
I overcame...

5 years ago today I began the process of rebuilding my life.
I learned to accept, let go, understand and start fresh.
I began to provide for myself and my family.
I began to stand on my own feet
and I grew stronger every day.
I healed.

5 years ago today I began to become who I am now..
I accepted my weaknesses
and learned from my lessons.
I learned to see my strengths
and began to value my abilities.
I can look back on my memories
and draw strength from my scars.
I thrived....

I see a woman who was once broken
and yet is now whole.
I see my children thriving
and my life unfolding.
I see peace and joy and contentment.
I grew....

5 years ago...
made me who I am

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  1. Five years ago you started on the path to being the kind,caring,independent woman and mother you are today and that is a wonderful thing . Proud of what you have accomplished and know you will continue on that path to better yourself always.