Saturday, January 28, 2012

Going it alone....

So much of being a single mom..
is something that I now
take in stride!!

I have come to be comfortable
taking the kids on vacation..
or just off for the day!
I am managing the running
and getting everyone where
they are meant to be.

I still find some of it hard-
when there is an issue
that I wish I had immediate help-
I now wait until a good time
to call their dad..
versus walk into the other room
to talk to him.
Sometimes meeting 3 children's
emotional needs
is overwhelming..
But, I take each moment
one at a time!

However, the hardest part
is managing all the physical
of running a home!
Its not just the inside..
its the outside..
its the car..
the shed...
the garden...
the patio..
You name it!
If its in the home-
out of the home-
parked in the driveway-
breathing within, out, or near
your home..
YOU are responsible!!

And add to that..
that if one has an area of weakness
there is noone
to balance that out!
So whether you are organized,
disorganized, a neat freak, a slob...
its ALL you..
That is sometimes
where the true stress comes in..
no-one to take an area
because they are better at that than you!

And so..
it is what it is!
I have a lot to manage
and I do what I can..
some of it well...
and some not so much!!

that its too much for one person,
is a start!
And accepting that
what I do-
is enough!
Its all I have!
its just what it should be!


  1. I hear ya! I use a handy man...found him a couple of years ago and it has been great!! He is a college boy and he cuts grass, paints outside sheds and stuff like that. He even weeds and spreads mulch! A Godsend for sure!

  2. It is so hard doing it all on my own. The house always looks a bit messy and there is a bunch of things that need to be fixed. I am always "late" when it comes to yardwork.. ah, its frustrating but I also know I am doing the best that I can, every single day.