Thursday, January 12, 2012

Things I have learned the hard way...

The last several years
of my life,
have held many lessons!
And so many
of them,
have been taught
through heartache..
some through smiles-
most through some event
that changed the shape
of my heart!

I have learned patience!
I have been alone
a while..
I am OK
with that!
I might fall in love..
I might not!
Sometimes I wish..
sometimes not so much!
I can wait for whats right!

I have learned self sufficiency..
I enjoy the people around me,
my friends matter...
I like to be social-
but, I can be isolated
and survive!
My 'need' is different!

I have learned to love openly..
I have learned how to
truly hug-
how to tell my dearest friends
how much I love
and appreciate them!
I have learned to express
what those in my life
mean to me!
I love without holding back..

I have learned to hurt..
I have come to understand
-in some small way-
the process of sadness..
I know that it must be faced,
and I also trust
that I do not have to fear
the past repeating-
if I confront
and own,
how I got there to begin with!
I have allowed the pain-

I have learned to let go!
There are so many
I have lost in the process!
Dear Friends I have lost touch with..
good friends that time does not allow
for time with..
acquaintances with whom
commonalities are no longer
I miss people I shared
life times of memories with!
I still hope..
that re-connections will be made..
that life will allow
the time for moments together-
But, I have learned
to allow the end of what was
if that is the only option there is...

The lessons learned
are not all good..
but neither are they bad!
They are lessons
that have helped to shape me
and create the person
I am right now!
There are lessons still to come..
but these-
I can see
and understand!
have become my own!


  1. What a great frame of mind to start the New Year!!

  2. Live, love and learn. Great post!

  3. Live, love and learn. Great post as usual!