Monday, January 30, 2012

Allow me to fail...

There is so much I have
these past 5 years..
but one of the greatest
is that each person
must face their personal hurt
and deal with it-
their way!

As I watch friends face
similar circumstances..
I see all the different
we have dealt with it!!
I also watch
a friend,
who is facing something
I cannot imagine
and know,
that there is no manual
for deep grief.

I have made some choices
I would make differently,
I have made some choices
I would make the same way again!

Some things
I am still learning,
some things I am still
messing up!
But, sometimes
the only way I learn
is by trying-
no matter the outcome!

Sometimes I want to date,
and sometimes I am perfectly OK
always I hope that it will JUST happen..
but sometimes I wonder if thats reality!

Sometimes I feel lonely,
sometimes I enjoy the freedom...
always I remember how I got here-
and sometimes I remind myself
that this is where I am meant to be!

Sometimes I feel I have found my place,
sometimes I wonder if I will ever
find 'the one'..
always I know that contentment starts in me-
and sometimes I am sure that it is enough!

Sometimes I save,
sometimes I spend..
always I live in the moment..
and sometimes I plan for the moment that has
not yet arrived.

Sometimes I fail,
Sometimes I thrive,
always I try..
and Sometimes I am sure that the best
is yet to come!!

and sometimes
I wonder if this is it!?
Is this the best?
and then I know..
that maybe it is!
and I also know..
that THIS is more than OK!
This is my LIFE!
This is exactly where I want to be!


  1. The key to it all: you are ok with ALL of it.
    Good going.

  2. Good to be a peace with yourself!!