Thursday, January 5, 2012


I am learning to find blessings
even in the clouds.

I have found
that when I see whats good...
it distracts me from what is not!

Its easy to get caught up
in the negatives..
I feel frustrated with my kids..
or my bills..
but, then I try and remember
what I have and what it means!

I have learned that
getting a given a new jacket
for my littlest-
when the old one gets to small-
does not change the fact
that the power bill is high
or the rent due..
Getting blessed
with unexpected food
does not change the fact
that sometimes I feel lonely
and my heart hurts...

its a reminder!
Its a reminder
that people are good!
That life is to be lived!
That God is in control!

And when its hard..
its the small things-
the gift of a comforter for my daughter..
or new purse for me..
or space heaters for my home..
its those things
that remind me..
that the big things?
they will pass!
It will be OK...
and that God is there!!
To provide, or to carry..
or to comfort!
and that...
is enough!

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