Friday, December 30, 2011

Resolutions..Single -again- Style...

Every year I make resolutions...
One year it was to run..
Last year to knit...
This year I want to learn
how to really cook!

But, I also
look at who I am..
How am I living my life..
what are my strengths?
What are my weaknesses?

This year I look
at my kids...
I love being a mom!
I have few regrets!
There is always more
I could do..
or be!
But, all in all..
I want to continue to love..
to communicate!
I want to spend time with my kids..
while giving them their own
space to grow!
What I will change?
I want to be more willing
to let them face their own
and not so willing to take the price
on their behalf!

My relationship with my ex...
(their dad)
and yet?
I have held onto resentment..
I can be passive aggressive-
I share 'our' story
as if I need to defend
why, we are where we are..
and I realize-
its not always my story to tell!
And so,
This year I resolve;
to think before
I make the comment,
or share the history,
or not give him the chance
to prove me wrong!
I resolve
to let go ALL the hurt feelings
and ANY resentment
that may still be there!

My friendships...
I want to be a better friend!
I want to reach out more!
I want to remember
my friends hurts and joys!
I can be a good friend!
I love those close to me!
But, am I spreading that love..
or sharing it with with limits?
I want to figure that out...

My family...
another area
that I feel is in balance!
I love my sisters and parents
and spend time with my parents
as often as I can!!
I resolve to never take
that for granted!

My faith..
Thank you Lord
for all I have..
all I need is provided..
and in those moments
when life gets hard,
you carry me through!
I resolve
to give you more of my time!

I guess,
I resolve to be true
to myself!
To continue
my quest
of not compromising
for love..
but, to be realistic
about what that might
look like!

And so..
as 2011 ends..
taking with it
smiles and tears..
I welcome 2012
and will make it all
that it is meant to be....


  1. These all sound so good!!! Have a wonderful new year!!

  2. What a beautiful and inspiring self-reflection! I hope you succeed in all that you hope for!

  3. Sounds like you have the right attitude and idea for the coming year.