Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I am not THAT mom

I love my kids...
I want them to do well!
I encourage them
and even push them-
when needed!

But, I do not live
through them!

I want them to do better
than I have!
I want them to
get an college education!
I want them to do their best
and learn the value of hard
But, how they do in school..
how many friends they have...
how good they are at sports..
is about them!
Not me!

My son is smart!
but not motivated!
I push him because
I want him to get a scholarship
to school..
but I can say with truth,
I do not mind
what he chooses to do!
He could be an engineer..
he would rather design
video games!
I am OK with that!

I want to raise my kids to succeed!
I want them to learn work ethics,
and the value of hard work!
but, their dreams are theirs!
Their achievements belong to them!
and their ultimate choices
are theirs to live with!

In the mean time
I will parent them!
and I will love them!
and I will do all I can
to give them chances,
and then watch
as they make their own
and I will love them

1 comment:

  1. Very smart way to parent. They will head in the direction their dreams pull them with or without your support and better to have it than not.
    You seem to be a great, caring, and strong mother and they learn a lot more from watching your strength than from even your words. I am sure they will be very happy and successful no matter which direction they take in life