Saturday, December 10, 2011

stress free holiday..or lonely christmas

I hear many
around me..
of all the Christmas parties
they have to attend!
they speak with pressure...

I will admit,
I have one Christmas party
to attend
this season.
And to be honest-
that makes me a teensy sad.
I am pretty social..
and this is the season
to be with others;

Some how being single...
has changed the amount of things
that I do..
I am no longer in a couples Sunday school-
I no longer have my spouses work party-
I no longer have couple friends.
All the things
that tend to result in Christmas events
and activities!

And so,
this season...
I wonder...
is the one party I am attending
part of being stress free?
Or is it lonely?

The reality
is that it's a bit of both!
and a deeper reality
is that it is what it is!!
Life could be much harder!
I have a dear friend who
would gladly give up
all the parties and events
to have her son back!

So, this is not a pity party...
this is accepting
that as a single mom,
life looks different!
But, the season is still
what I make of it!

Its the moments
I make hot chocolate
and stay up later with my kids..
Its the moments
I meet girlfriends
for coffee or hot apple cider.
Its the Christmas concerts
I drag the kids too...
and the lights we pass at night!
Its the season to celebrate
the hope of Christ
and the love of family!
Maybe one day,
I will join those who complain
of the hustle and bustle..
but regardless
I will celebrate the season!
and make each moment count!

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  1. I host a No Boys Allowed Christmas Party every year. Just had it last night... so much fun!