Friday, December 2, 2011

The heart has a mind of its own..

I have so much to learn..
but some things
I have learned already!
sometimes the hard way,
sometimes just because
it makes sense..
but lessons are being
in my head...
and taught by my heart!

My heart knows!
sometimes it connects
and it ends in hurt..
sometimes it does not-
and I am left wondering why!

but, it knows!

As I speak to friends
who are happy..
the common theme
is when they met the one
they are with;
they knew!
and generally they never looked

I have started to fall
and been alone
in the hope..
I have been fallen for
without reciprocation..
The end result is the same!

It does not work..
being right on paper..
is not enough.
If my heart does not connect
with another..
it is not meant to be.

My heart wants to fall...
not impossibly...
not romantically...
not idealistically...
but instead completely!

And until then...
I shall continue to learn!
I shall continue to hope..
and I shall be content
to wait!

1 comment:

  1. I became best friends with my hubby for one year...and then we realized we wanted more than friendship! So nice being married to your best friend. 37 years now!! Woot!!
    It will happen for you too!