Sunday, December 4, 2011

I am just so sad..

was the memorial
of my friends son.
A young man
that I knew..
and respected!

My heart is broken!
As I listened to the words
spoken about this young boy..
they all came back
to a mothers deep love!

A mother who raised her sons
with grace,
despite trials.
A mother who loved her sons
no matter the cost!
A mother who put the needs
of her sons
before her own!

This young man's legacy
is partly his and partly hers!
Together they inspire
the rest of us...
to make each moment count!
Never forget to say 'I love you'..
find the memories
and make them happen!
Love with purpose,
parent with grace,
live with everything you have!

This child shall live always
in the hearts
that he touched-
and this mother
shall be held close
by the lives that
she has changed!

1 comment:

  1. Hugging this young mother!! I can't even imagine the deep heart break!!
    Hugs to you too