Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas thoughts and dreams..

Christmas eve...
so many memories..
so many traditions..
so many tears...
so many smiles!

as I shared the evening
with my children-
something that happens
only every other year..
I realized that nothing stays the same!

They are getting older..
I am getting more
content alone..
the moments
that brought me heart ache,
now pass without a thought!
The moments
that made us smile
now seem not as fun!

we are changing
and growing..
and yet-
traditions still count!
and memories are made!

And tonight..
as I face another Christmas 'single'..
I am blessed
to have my children
under my roof!
My heart complete..
my Christmas perfect!

Merry Christmas to all...


  1. So pleased to read you are happier, Debbie, and our children around makes huge plus for us. Merry Christmas ~ Eddie x

  2. Merry Xmas, sorry it's a day late. Hope that you had a good one and next year is the best ever.