Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving...

as I was feeling
a tug of hurt in my heart-
I glanced across the school
parking lot
and saw my children walking towards me!
In that moment all was right!
and I knew
deep within me..
that it is enough!

I love my kids!
I am so blessed by the life I lead!
My children make me smile..
and they make me weep!
They encourage me
and they exhaust me!
They inspire me,
and they test me,
THEY are my heart!
and today..
I am thankful
that I was chosen to be their mom!

I am thankful to a God
who knew
my deep desire
to mother children,
and who granted that wish!

I am thankful
that my children and I
have learned to be whole..
and that the fracturing
no longer feels so significant!

This thanksgiving...
I am thankful
for many of the 'names' I carry...
Daughter, sister, friend, teacher...
but, most of all...


  1. You are speaking to my heart by speaking FROM YOUR HEART! I quoted your "Sad" post - but linked your blog to it so you get the credit for what I deem profound words! I even said, "Yeah - what SHE said"! I am a single Mom and I can so relate! Blessings to you and yours...