Monday, November 7, 2011

Over Think...Over analyze...Over it...

I over analyze everything!
My friends tease me about it..
and its true!

If I meet a man
and he is too young..
I pick it apart!
I convince myself it will never
If he is too old?
same thing!
I have the end in sight
before I have experienced
the beginning!
If he is my age...
I assume he is not ready to grow up!
I see the midlife crisis
in his near future!

If he has been married
I analyze the divorce.
If he has kids;
his parenting style compared to mine..
if he has never been married
I wonder why..

Is it any wonder
that I rarely date?
I have analyzed the relationship
to death
before the second date-
and I am sure
it will never work!!!
so, of course..
it does not!

No hurry...
No regrets..

But, maybe
its time..
to stop predicting the future
and rather take a chance
in the present...
who knows,
maybe I will enjoy the ride!


  1. Yes the process is always a treat! Relax and enjoy!

  2. A friend of mine keeled over and died last night. There is a lesson in there that you should live for today.