Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I admit it...

I want the fairy tale!!

That is why I over analyze.

I understand that there will be
I understand that no one person
is perfect!
I understand that flexibility
is important.

BUT I want the real deal!
It does not have to be
love at first sight..
it does not have to be
heart pumping
butterflies and romance,
but, it must be
something special!

There is no reason
for it not to be!
I have no reason to settle
for the sake of companionship
why settle for less
then I hope?

And so,
I admit!
I want a movie style ending..
even if its a harry met sally sort of script!

and so...
I will keep reading
the plays..
listening to the lines...
watching the characters
take on their personas..
and I will wait
for my role of a lifetime!


  1. You are exactly right.
    Keep auditioning
    You will soon get a call back

  2. Fairy tales do come true!!!

  3. I think on some level, everyone wants that, don't they? You'll find it ...don't settle for anything less!