Wednesday, February 29, 2012

dating..or lack of it...

So I gave up on line dating..
it works...
for some!
It certainly
kept me busy...
dinners out; here and there!
but, ultimately..
the investment of time-
the lack of true
the exhausting process
of starting from scratch-
just did me in!

And so..
for the last several months
I have been dateless!
and some times
I miss the hope!
And always
I yearn for the possibility...
but mostly
I accept where I am.

Whenever I wonder..
if maybe,
I should actually look harder..
should get out more..
reconsider my options-
lower my expectations...
I remember
that settling for less
than is right for me,
is not an option!

and so..
I keep on
keeping on!
Living single..
enjoying life..
not waiting for the next stage-
just wondering
what might possibly
be waiting for me!


  1. i understand. i left the dating on the internet world and came back after a year off. chin up :)

  2. Love yourself, enjoy life, be "in" each moment of every day and don't forget you are a woman! Life is full of amazing is the best part.
    Hugging you

  3. Ah just keep your chin up and remember that sometimes love finds you when you least expect it.