Monday, February 20, 2012

The new LOOK of alone time..

I still remember
the days
when my family was intact..
my days were filled
with kids,
and home,
and family..
and there were times that I longed
for some time alone!

I would imagine
all the things that I might do-
browsing in bookstores,
rambling slowly through cobbled streets,
wandering in and out of stores,
reading my book in the park..

NOW, I get to do those things!
I have more alone time than
I did then..
and yet now..
my non-alone time
is so intense..
so exhausting..
so solitary..
that when the alone time
it takes time
just to reach the place
of breathing!

Some how,
when you have no choice
but to do all those
things alone,
they do not seem quite
as alluring as they did

And so
alone time looks different-
its still refreshing-
its still needed..
its no longer as unique
and sometimes
its unwelcome...
but, its mine
and it matters!


  1. Oh how I miss alone time, not much of it around here lately.....

  2. It's funny, because I felt the same way when I was married and like you, I know have more "alone" time, but, as the single head of household and mother of two, my alone time isn't spent doing any of the things I thought... I'm cleaning, or catching up on school work or trying to get some rest. It's definitely not the rewarding alone time of my dreams!