Sunday, February 12, 2012

I have had it all...

I realized that I do
hope to love again!
I do want to experience
the butterfly's
and the newness of romance.

if I live out my life
and that does not happen
I am OK!

Not only because
I am settled in who I am,
but also because I can look
back and know
that I have loved that way!
I had the high school romance!
The flowers, the love letters..
I fell in love heart and soul,
and I know what that feels like!

I also learned
how falling out of love
and what a broken heart looks
That I could have lived with out!

but, never will I wonder
what it feels like to love!
What giving yourself
to another looks like..

What I hope to one day
is that feeling completely!
Without walls!

But, regardless
of the way my life goes...
I can live without regrets-
because I have learned to cherish
the memories,
rather then resent the circumstances!

I can look forward to a future-
because I understand and accept
what I see in the past!

I can accept the NOW-
anticipate the WHEN-
and appreciate the THEN!

Good place to be!

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