Thursday, March 24, 2011

acceptable? marketable? or just me...

I sometimes wonder;
about who I am
and what I stand for...

How did I get to where I am?
and am I comfortable
now that I am here?

What if I never find
the other half
of me?

The thing is..
I have come to GET me...
even if no one else does.

I am incredibly put together..
except when I am not!
I am disorganized....
when I am not being organized!
I work hard,
but I play hard too...
I love deeply...
and I live happily alone.

I am a woman...
many facets
of one person.
a prism...
I look different based
on the direction
you see me from...

You might find me cleaning,
or ignoring the house work..
I might be studying...
or pretending
that I do not have homework...
You might find me at a protest
or at the beach.

No matter
how I might be
in the moment...
I am real
and I am true
and I am content
and I am ME...

My kind of me...
not perfect..
lots to learn,
room to grow..

I am a mom..
I must be mature..
I put my kids first...
and I always will.

But, I dream of changing the world..
joining activists
in a life altering cause,
or going to Africa
to work with children...

I love children-
I love animals-
I love those who need my voice-
I love my family-
I honor my parents-
and I work hard to forgive
and show grace to
those who hurt me...

I am OK with who I am..
I don't kill spiders,
I want chickens...
and there is normally
a homeless cat in the front yard.

I get lost a lot...
and I forget details..
like ever seeing a certain movie...
or how the book I have read several times;

I might drive you crazy,
but I will also make you laugh..
and if ever
you get to know me
and steal a piece of my heart-
I will love you like crazy...
and if you happen to be a cat,
you will always find
a meal..:)

Not sure
If I am 'marketable'...
but I am real..
but real.
and its enough..
at my age
and stage in life..
its enough!


  1. Wow so nicely written, as always.

  2. Deb, there is NO other half of you. You? Are wonderfully WHOLE all on your own!!!!