Friday, March 25, 2011

I admit...I chickened out...

So I had a blind date...
not the first,
nor the last...
but I backed out!
Not sure why..
dates are few and far between...
sometimes by choice,
sometimes by circumstance.
I know some nice men..
and I hang out with a few!
I have had a few (first) dates..
but, still
all this time later...
it seems like work!
why is that?
I guess,
when I am asked out
by someone
who meeting
for the first date;
does not feel
like work..
I shall consider it!
Until then,
I shall be content
and within...
cause that's where it counts!!


  1. I still say you'll know when you're ready.

  2. thats why its really not worth it until I feel that...sometimes being ready in your head is very different then in your heart..I am waiting for the heart..!

  3. I'm under a similar dilemma, where the person I'm recently started dating has started to feel more like work. If you are not in a rush for it, no need to put pressure on yourself. You'll definitely feel it differently when you are ready.

  4. I agree - it should not feel like work!!...thanks for the comment!!

  5. I surely understand backing out! I probably would too unless I had a real good idea of who this "blind" date was. Say for a close friend.?!!

  6. Who said dating was FUN? LOL : )