Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I think in life,
we strive for contentment!
we want peace..
we long for wholeness!

we seek,
we look,
we travel,
we walk,
we long for..
and we crave.

But, maybe
we skip a step..
before the contentment;
comes the acceptance!

What makes me content
is accepting
that where I am..
is where I am meant to be!

Maybe not yesterday...
maybe not tomorrow,
but today-
I am in the moment,
in which I belong!

Some of the biggest mistakes
I have made..
have been at times
in my life
that I sought to RIGHT
my wrong circumstances..
when I was SURE
that where I was,
could NOT be enough.

Some how...
some time..
in some moment-
I came to accept...
Where I am.
Who I am.
What my current place
in life is.
I accept the changes!
I accept the challenges!
I accept the NOW..
I accept!
and within the acceptance,
I found my peace
and my contenment!


  1. YES! I always say that acceptance creates miracles. I believe it to be true.


  2. Acceptance, who we are, who we can be, who we once were.
    Love this!