Friday, March 18, 2011

Love it or Hate it...

I have a love
with Face book!

I love the contact
with friends
I have not seen
in years..
I love the fact
that I know how the
friends that I do see
more often,
are doing...
even when we are not
in touch.
Its a great tool
to get to know
new people..
and its just plain

then there are the complications..
family 'tiffs'
arising purely
from snarky comments...
the blurred line
between private and public..
and the whole
dating thing!!!

I have been asked
out on FB..
I have casually
friends on FB...
I have friended
a few men..
in the process
of getting to know
each other better....

But, I have some boundaries!
I do not friend my ex!
He is my friend is real time!
But, His life is his..
as it should be..
My life is mine.
I do not friend men
that I have dated
on more then a casual level...
or, more specifically,
I un-friend them!:-)
Its really just my thing-
not right or wrong for everyone!

One of the biggest reasons
for my choice,
is the respect
of relationships to come!
If I am dating someone
I would not like to see
any of his ex's
all over his FB page!

And so,
to me..
being healthy and being whole
means looking beyond this
and not loosing sight
of the big picture;
and the 'one'
that may be still to come!


  1. You are the third person who I have read that has had problems with FB! Not me and I am glad that I found you on there. I love your updates!

  2. Awww! thats the aspect I LOVE about FB and why the love always outweighs the hate!!:)

  3. I tend to only friend "friends"... very few family and my ex and I have blocked each other. I've also blocked his whole family. It's just easier for me to do it that way.

  4. Facebook and social media is just that, social. I have just recently befriended my ex on FB but only because it has been so long that we hardly know each other as we were pre divorce.
    However, because he lives so far and is hardly in their lives, it has caused hurt to my children seeing his life without them. :(
    But it is life and it is to be dealt with, with or without facebook

  5. I enjoy FB but I also friend only people who are connected to me in real life. And not my ex.

  6. I love Facebook and I love that people get to set it up how they want it! It's your own private world. It's a way for each of us to be happy and communicate the way that we wish. Isn't life just amazing. While I disagree with your perspective that is OK because Facebook allow's us to be ourselves and to share the way we want to share. Protect your boundaries and enjoy Facebook. I have a lot of fun on FB in my own way because I own my page! What an amazing world we live in!