Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just go with it...

Why is it so hard
to let life 'just' happen??

I am in no rush!
I love my life...
I love my kids..
I love my friends and family..
and I love my job!

I like
the challenge of school
and managing my home,
and the schedule
of my children s activities..!

I enjoy my pets
and the little cottage
that is mine...

I am excited
sharing my heart
at some point-
and sharing
my time....
but, I am in no hurry-

and yet,
the whole,
'just go with it'...
just 'see' what happens;
no worries..
no pressure...
no strings...
no complications...
is hard for me!!

I guess
it is the lack of definition.
this newness
in my dating life..
the new stage
that I am in..
the place
of openness
and opportunities-
involves a lot
of unanswered questions;
and as one
who like to know...
it is quite a challenge!

And yet-
if we had
all the answers
we might skip
the journey...

And so
I learn..
and so it goes..
and so
I shall;
'just go with it'
some more!


  1. ♥ well said. thank you for sharing.

  2. Go with it girl. One frog at a time and take your time. One day, the prince will come. I think :)

  3. I'm with you... I like to know what's coming and have a hard time being patient and letting things unfold... but then, I've had enough of the unexpected, because in the last few years, the unexpected hasn't been all that positive!