Monday, May 16, 2011

Comment help..please!

Recently comments disappeared
off of my post!
As far as I know
you cannot delete a comment once
it is published..
but these, including one from me...
just went!
and when I went through my email
and tried to republish them
it said the comments
did not exist...
any one know what happened?
will they just randomly reappear?
very odd...
Would not be so bad if they all disagreed with me..
ha ha..
but most were positive
and yet all are gone..!!
maybe change my password?
or blogger!
or me??
thank you!


  1. blogger had a glich a couple of days ago and was down for several days. When it came back up posts and comments were lost.

  2. Blogger was down for about a day sometime last week- some kind of maintenance problem. That might be why they disappeared. Or? You sleep deleted them ;)

  3. You missed the Blogger glitch! Good for you... I was going through major withdrawals... no blogger for almost two days...

    My name is Leigh and I have a problem...

  4. shows how out of blog world I am..maybe time to step it up!!:)

  5. Yep! Blogger went kapooey!! And took many things with them. Like comments!!
    Hope they come back for you