Saturday, May 28, 2011

remarkably resiliant!

This week was the awards ceremony
in school!
Each of my children received multiple
academic awards.
My middle child
received girl student of the year
and the leadership award for her grade!
My oldest received the highest GPA
in a class 2 grade levels above his,
My youngest received 2 highest reading awards..
All of them received honor roll awards
and the presidential academic achievement award...
In addition to highest GPA in certain subjects!

I was very proud!

my pride runs deeper
than the academics!
My pride is in the depth
of the resilience!

5 years ago,
their worlds FELL apart!
Their father and I begun
the process
of falling apart ourselves!
All they knew changed!

Then I remarried..
and they experienced
the volatility of a marriage gone wrong!

In all this they also
attended school
for the first time,
having been home schooled.
They came home for a year
when I remarried..
but the environment
was not one of peace...
and I put the girls back in school!

And than I left!
and one Friday they were in school..
and Monday in a different one.
Once again..
the bottom fell out of their world.
That was just 2 1/2 years ago!
My then 7th grader started school
for the first time!
It was hard for him...
kids are cruel.
But they did well
despite it all!!!

And than
they got to move to a private
christian school.
Another move!
a good one..
but still, moving again!
That was one year ago!
That is where they are now!
and they are thriving!

And I look at all the change!
All they have faced..
and all I can do
is feel pride!!
I feel pride that they
can face a new day
and know that they are stronger
than the hurt!
I feel pride
that they can make friends
and flourish
rather than dwell on what was!

I still hurt for their hurts!
The friends they have left
the homes they have said
good bye too..
the families they hoped for
that never came to be...

But, I know
that they are healing!
and I watch them
give their all..
and my pride
flows through my heart
and into the core
of my soul..
the place my love for my children


  1. This is awesome! Congratulations to your children and all that hard work. And kudos to their mother too. Especially a tribute to your homeschooling skills. You all four have plenty to be proud of. I am sure this is just the beginning.

  2. Well done to all your children and to you..... as you gave up all your time, effort and wisdom to get them to that stage.
    Hold your head up high.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  3. that's so awesome and speaks to your wonderful super mom skills!

  4. You've got lots to be proud of! Sounds like you have some smart, strong children who know how much they are loved!