Monday, May 9, 2011

Making Mothers day Matter....

Mothers day
is another holiday..
that can leave a single mom..

I have learned
over the last several years..
to plan my day
and spend it my way!

I shared the weekend
with my son,
who turned 14 on Saturday!
2 great reasons
to go away for the weekend.

My ex took the kids shopping
with a list from me..:)
(my money, my
and I took my son
to a store to pick out a Pandora charm
to add to my bracelet!
again- I paid, he picked;
and I saw his choice Sunday morning!

I took us to breakfast..
I got take out for dinner..
and admittedly
I cleaned a lot in the middle.
(home from a trip = laundry)
but, the weekend was spent with my kids..
and I did not feel sad,
or at a loss...
I did not wish someone
was there
to pamper me..
I enjoyed what I have,
and what I can provide!
I enjoyed my kids..
even in the moments
when mopping floors
made me cranky!

Its just a day..
unless YOU make it something special..
and so I did..!


  1. Aw! Happy Mother's Day to you! Sounds like it was a special weekend filled with love!

  2. Glad you spent a wonderful week end with the family!