Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Parenting Single Style...

parenting is HARD work!

or in between!

I have been surprised
at the amount
of energy it takes to
a teenager
and 2 preteens.

I have always been
a hands on mom..
I have always been with my kids..
so, why would it NOW seem hard?

some part of it..
is that on my 'shift'
with the kids,
I am in alone.
no different than when
my ex has them..
he is the sole parent
in the home.
That takes a tole.

But, bigger
is just the age and the stage!

And even bigger than that,
is the fact
that my middle schooler
still needs me to help
keep him on track!
He is a bright student and in honors
he is also a 14 year old boy
who would forget to shower
if not reminded.
My girls..
are still at ages
that they need me checking
their homework,
testing them on their spelling,
and helping with reports!!
This alone..
times 3
is time consuming!!
Add in the desire
to just enjoy my kids..
a full time job..
college ..
and a house to maintain;
and I can see quite clearly
why it feels hard in moments!!

I also watch them grow
and know it shall pass...
and way too quickly!!!!

So, its tough at times!
But, I will miss this stage
of parenting one day!

So for now
I enjoy it in many moments..
I cry in some moments...
and I grit my teeth in rare moments...
knowing I can do this!
and I would not want to do
anything else....


  1. Yes! Teens can sure cause one to grit their teeth for sure!! Ha!
    Good luck!! And I pray for patience and wisdom for you!

  2. It is harder as teens I think. It was always easier to keep three or four kids in line when you were in control. As they mature, and get more independence, you have to let the control reins a little looser and that makes things difficult. But they are good kids and you a good mom it seems. As you say, gritting teeth, crying and laughing.. are coping mechanisms. Good luck!
    you will do fine