Tuesday, May 10, 2011

is it really complicated??

I was asked recently
why my blog is called what its called..
what do I mean
by 'complicated world'?..
To be honest I think that
speaks for itself..
but maybe not!
So here it goes:

I am a mother!
I have 3 children.
one is a teenager
and 2 are preteen girls..
we all share a bathroom :-)..
a tad!

I am a single mother!
I want to set a good example
for my kids,
I want to keep them safe!
I want to avoid exposing
them to hurt!

I am a woman!
I work full time!
I go to college half time!
I care for my home..
and kids..
and pets..!
I juggles several full time
and try to do it with grace!
you betcha!

I am a single woman.
I might want to date one day!
I might even want to spend
my life with someone.
I do not know what that looks like,
I have no idea
where to start!
I am content alone!
I might one day like company!
I enjoy my life!
I might, at some point, want to share it!
beyond description!

I find life full
and happy...
I am content and at peace!
I am also very busy,
and have many roles to fill.
I am helping to raise and mold
3 people..
I am working to better my education..
and I am striving to be the best
preschool teacher possible.
Trying to be a good person,
a stronger woman,
a better mom,
and an outstanding employee...
yes, in moments!!
worth it??


  1. Why does everything have to be so complicated. Why not enjoy ans live life to the fullest?

  2. ha ha:) I think you missed some of my post...but maybe not!! I think life is complicated at times...but I do not believe that complication and unhappiness go hand in hand! I am very happy and content! (mentioned that!!:)!) AND I do enjoy my life..but I think the complication of life, comes in the drive to do better and be better always!I hope my life is always complicated..it adds texture!!!

  3. Excellent post... I, too, would think it would be self-explanatory, but you've done a great job laying it all out!

  4. The person who asked must have an incredibly simple life. :0)

  5. Being a single mom is definitely complicated, but that's not always a bad thing.

  6. It is up to each and every person to define their own lives. Debbie's life is complicated by definition. That is her choice and that is perfectly fine!! Others have more simply lives. That is fine as well! If we each get to make our own definitions then we each get to be happy in our own way!