Sunday, September 18, 2011

and so it goes..and so it goes...

not dating..
Just waiting...
not so ugh!

I am 'actively' dating...
or considering dates when asked:)..
which is quite huge!:)

I know
that I will reach a place
so soon
of just sitting back..
and waiting!
because really...
I do not want to
rush into a relationship...
why do I feel the need
to rush the process
of meeting someone?

I guess
its the cliche..
the being alone..
the feeling like life is passing
and I am running out of time!

dating for this moment...
(admittedly dating is
a strong word for it:)!)

but, waiting...
is JUST around the corner..
I can feel it...
I can hear its breathe...
that place of just being willing
to 'be'..
seems to be finding me again...

1 comment:

  1. I have gone back and forth with these feelings for many years myself. I think it gets harder and harder to put those vulnerable emotions and feelings out again. and yet it seesaws with feelings of loneliness and just missing something.
    Things will work out I am sure.