Thursday, September 8, 2011

busier then busy....

I took the semester off
of college..
for some breathing room!
I have a new position
at work
and it is more intense..
I took the time to focus.

And yet..
with less on my plate
I am busier than ever before.
My job is certainly busier..
but its more than that!
My daughter is on the volley ball team
for the first time.
so there are games and practices..
I have also started going
back to the gym!
My days start early
and end late...

but its more..
I am taking time for me!
sometimes just to walk..
sometimes to meet friends..
sometimes with the kids-
sometimes with out!

Often people who love me
tell me to slow down..
but here is the thing..
until when??
This is my life!
If all I do is try and survive it
and keep my head above water..
thats all I will ever do!
my work is here to stay!
My kids are getting older...
and more complicated!
My degree will need to be finished..
my home will always need to be cleaned..
this is my life!
in my mind-
now is the time to live!
I am in my 30's..
young and vibrant!
WHAT should I be waiting for??

Life is about balance...
and certainly
there are moments of nothing..
and moments of quiet...
and moments of fun..
and moments of solitude!

moments of waiting???
for what??!!!!


  1. For enjoyment? You must enjoy life (I sometimes have to remind myself of that!)

  2. I agree! Grab hold and get going!! Good for you!