Monday, September 12, 2011

a life reclaimed...

I have been down!
so many different things...
kids getting older..
a bit of an identity crisis..
pressure in life..

And than tonight
talking to a friend..
I changed tracks!

Life may feel
a little tough-
but my life is so good.

I have so much
to be thankful for!!

I have children who are growing!
They are going through normal stages
in life...
they have their moments of good
and their moments of not so good.
but, they are good kids-
happy kids!
they have rooms of their own..
and cool beds!
they have 2 parents who love them
and grandparents who adore them!
They are liked by their teachers
and friends!
They have good lives!
They are blessed!
They have full bellies...
and clean clothes!
My children have so much!
I am so thankful!

I have support in my parents!
This is huge!
My parents are 2 of my closest friends...
I can talk to them about my problems-
I can spend time with them
when I am lonely...
I can call them in a fix.
I am not alone!

I am close to my sister..
I have wonderful girlfriends.
enough said!!

I love my job..
love my job!
I LOVE my job!!!!

I have a roof over my head!
a home
that is cute..
and cozy..
and safe!

I have a temperamental car...
but its a car!
It drives!

I have a closet with clothes in..
and I have shoes..
cute and functional!
I have a pantry
that has food in it...
I am not wanting...

There is so much in my life
that brings me joy.
There are sometimes
aspects of my life
that cause me hurt!

But, when I take the moment
to look at what I have..
compared to what I do not..
the hurt lessens
and the gratitude
and grows..!

1 comment:

  1. That's a smart way of looking at things.

    I have to say I've been a little low recently I've been missing the ex girlfriend, missing the thought of the ex-wife and the reality of the kids.

    Sometimes life can be hard.