Friday, October 28, 2011

What a girl wants...

Recently I was asked..
"what am I looking for in a man?"
as I tried to answer it,
I realized..
I am not looking
for a 'type of man'
I am looking
for a 'type of relationship'.

I could look for a type-
some one free spirited,
some one like me..
who wants to save the world.
But, it could be a disaster!
Or I could
look for the opposite of me..
someone whose strengths
are my weakness's..
and it could back fire!

So, instead..
I am not looking for a
particular person!
I do not know
if the person I would like to meet
will be
older or younger.
whether he will be type A
or peace loving...
whether he will be
or easy going....

What I know
is that he will respect me!
He will accept who I am
and whether we are similar
or complete opposites
he will not try and change me..
nor me him!

A relationship of acceptance
that I will excel in my strengths..
he will excel in his strengths!
If he wants to 'take over'
an area I am weak in..
he will!
he will not try and make me do it his way!
This matters!

We will enjoy each others company..
we will be relaxed
and companionable...
we will be able to talk
about what matters,
and what does not!
and we will respect
and accept each others opinions!
we will be loyal to each other..
we will protect each other.

We may be the same!
We may be opposite!
But, we will BE balance.

This is what I want...


  1. Sounds reasonable to me!! Balance is oh so important!!

  2. That is so well-said. I always reply with "I'll what I'm looking for when I find it" and this is why... because it's not the man, it's how the man and I are together and that's hard to know until you meet!