Sunday, November 8, 2009

significant date

I looked at the date today
on the church bulletin..
and it nagged at me!
what was significant about November 8th!
and then I remembered!
It was the anniversary of my first date
with the man who owned my heart for 16 years
and who then broke it completely......
19 years ago today we had our fateful first date..
17 years old!
So young!!
and yet,
as I remembered the date..
and remembered the fact that for years we re-enacted our first date..
a very significant fact HIT me!
On our first date we went to pizza hut!
I HATED pizza hut!
Did I say that?
Did I suggest somewhere else?
Of course not!
I went and enjoyed and stared in this boys blue eyes and fell hopelessly in love!
I did confess at some point
that I hate pizza hut..
but it stands out now,
as I am learning to say no!
learning to respect my own boundaries!
Learning not to compromise to please others...
I am able to look back and see how far back this issue goes!
and accept the scope of what I am trying to overcome!
and as with all issues..
its starts with acknowledgment!!
and then requires steps to overcome the past
to make a better future!


  1. Debbie, that was my mistake too. No more, I set my boundaries. I hate being taken for granted, not then, not now. Bless you dear.

  2. I remember the date of the day I lost my virginity (April 7, 1984 ;). Beyond that? I'm lucky I know when my birthday has passed! XO