Sunday, November 29, 2009

tumbling emotions...

yep! thats all I have!
OK not really!
BUT hmmmm.....
for the last year I have felt completely
to not date...
or be open to date...
or to even think about dating!
I am not sure thats changed...
and yet,
the idea is not repulsing me as much!
Thats good right?:)!
There is no 'person'
but I have begun to notice
tenderness between men and women...
and remember,
and wonder..
and think,
maybe, that would not be the worst thing in the world!
BUT, then again...
I guess the moral
of my tumbling words..
is I am ready to think about..
thinking about it!
and after two devastating hurts...
thats a start!


  1. it's a start. And it is completely human to want to be close to someone. The key is to not need it more than you need your autonomy, your self respect and your peace.

    And I think it's also key to get to know a peson's character first, through family, friends, church etc. before dating total strangers.

    He's out there...and he's been looking for you and he's wonderful

    "considering" is a good place to start.


  2. Totally agree with Breeze. Just live life, and if he does appear and was meant to be, we will know it. At this stage of our life, I feel we should look out for ourselves, grow, be enpowered and at peace with ourselves. Hugs.