Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The changing roads of ME

I think I thought
that I needed
to figure ME
before becoming
an US
with another.

And to some degree
I did!

I learned about
my dreams
and desires,
my likes and dislikes.
I got to know myself
and I learned
to enjoy
my own company!

All good!

What I did not
take into account..
is that who I
am alone,
is different
then who I am with

For many years
I was co-dependent,
I was driven by my
in spite of others
in my life,
I was unhealthy!

I hope I am none of those
at least not
to the place I was!
I know that alone
I am stronger then ever;
and confident
in my ability
to take care
of myself and my children!

Again....All good!

to be alone
and who I am
is a challenge I faced
and overcame!
one step and moment
at a time!

Now its time
that I learn who I am
with another!
And I can
only learn
that by letting someone

I figure out
who I AM...
not only alone!
Who I AM
as a whole;
alone, together and in between!

The journey
changes direction..
but is far from over!


  1. I love this post Debbie. What an exciting journey it will be. I was talking about relationships with someone who had sort of a list of requirements such as same cultural background and certain type of employment and I said I have one requirement on my list. He must have a good heart. A person with a good heart is healthy, they give, they are burdenless because life is good for them, they are happy and buoyant and they are generous and giving. They make mistakes and they feel them more deeply than any made towards them and make them up. They are real and forgiving. I don't care what their religion or their skin colour or how many children they have and certainly income isn't a concern, as long as they have the capacity to love and to love well. You Debbie, have a good heart and it was only a matter of time before someone decided to reach out and hold it close.

    Enjoy the journey my friend. Love is a gift and there is none greater :)


  2. So true Debbie! Just another fork in the road and you will take it with grace and joy!

  3. Enjoy the ride. You are so ready!

  4. Very true and it's always good to recenter before you choose which fork to take!

  5. Love this! I grew up with a single mom, and once she truly figured out who she was, she met the man of HER dreams and is extremely happy now :)