Wednesday, November 24, 2010

how did I miss that...??

Seems that 2 days ago
a HUGE day passed..
and I missed it!
a day I have waited for..
a date I have noticed EVERY
single month
for almost 2 years...

The 2nd anniversary
of the day
I left my hell
and began my forever!

Every month
the date made an impression!
It brought me closer
to being completely free...

I waited so long to date
that the 2 year mark took on
as it seemed I might watch it pass
dating someone.
It did not work out that way!

But, still
2 years!
a significant date!
How did I miss it?

I missed it because
it no longer matters!
I am free!!!
It was not the date
that made me free...
it was the fact
that I forgot!!

The date no longer holds
power, it once did!

I missed it!
and I am so thankful I did!


  1. The best part is you ARE in a wonderful point of your life where you can enjoy it and learn from what has happen to you.
    Here's to you forgetting it again and again and again!

  2. What a great milestone. So glad you are happy and no longer hurt by the past... at least this time

  3. Good for you! That is a huge thing!