Sunday, November 7, 2010

cleaning out the cobwebs

One of those days..
Cleaning out the boxes
and the cupboards...

I am in a good place in my life!
I am in a NEW place!
A new relationship!
taking it slowly..
one step at a time!

As I cleaned
I came upon
and journals..
and emails!

A time in my life
when I was fighting
to be heard!
A time in my life
when I was yelling
into the wind!
There was no sound;
I was invisible!!

As I read
through all the old..
and as I clear the cobwebs
from my heart-
I know I shall never return!

I see that already
the start of the new
is different
then the start of the old!

I understand
that who I am now,
is not who I was then!

I fought to be heard,
when I should have just
fought to get out!
I begged for validation,
when instead
I should have
slammed the door
in the face of evil,
I was desperate
for those around me
to understand,
when now
I own my own choices..
good and bad!

I stand here today
having dusted the cobwebs
from the pages
of time...
and swept
the shadows
from my heart,
and I see clearly....
what was
is not
what is!

What is
is yet to come..
and yet to be decided,
but it is not
what has been before!


  1. So glad to see what a good place you are in, you totally deserve this happy time today and always,
    .....:-) Hugs

  2. I am very happy for you. Congratulations! It is a good feeling to be in such a place doesn't it?

  3. And that has to be a wonderful feeling. Freedom!!

  4. I went through a time in life when I was fighting to be heard. Being divorced and getting to solve problems for myself changed that. Blogging has helped too.

  5. Isn't getting older and wiser such a wonderful thing.
    I loved this post full of inspiration and determination.

  6. "... but it is not what has been before." Big, important words, my friend! I need to remember those words :) XO