Sunday, November 14, 2010

Growing hard to do!

I have lived a blessed life
in many ways!

My parents are here
on this earth with me!
I have not experienced
the loss of a family member,
other then grandparents!

As I get older
I realize that
life begins to change!
Parents get older...
loss is inevitable!

The man that
I am seeing..
just experienced that loss!
His father
lost his battle to cancer!

What a terrible sadness!!

For me,
not only is the loss
and experience
but, the relationship is too!

Another aspect
of finding my footing.....

I am not sure how to help!
What to say!
The history
is not there...
the memories not shared!!

Another chapter
in a manual
not written...

All I can do is ask
and express!
Let this man know
I will follow his lead!
I am here
if he needs me..
but I also understand
that this may
not be a 'role'
he desires me to play!

The older I get
the more I learn
that life
is often about stepping back
and letting others
call the dance steps!
We do not need
a starring role
in every act.

We learn as we watch
and as we listen!
We grow as we learn!

And each step
makes us stronger
then the step before!


  1. Growing up is hard, but so many rewards.

  2. So true! I am sorry for his loss. But sometimes just being there, holding a hand, listening or just being there is enough.