Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A goodbye for good reasons..but it still hurts!

I said goodbye to my companion!

My golden..Simba.

I relinquished him
to a rescue!
A wonderful group of people...
equipped to care for him!

so many reasons.
The primary,
he had become aggressive
towards me and my kids..
the secondary,
(possible causes)
he had hip pain (dysplasia)
and grand mal seizures!

I am just not able
to pay for the medical procedures,
and I cannot risk
him hurting one of the kids!

It was a hard choice!
The rescue is wonderful,
they will have him cared for..
surgery, medicine, ect..
and then they will adopt him
into a home
without small children!
Best for him...
sad for us!

So much about Simba
makes me smile to remember...
and some makes me cringe!

He loved us all...
especially the cats!
His favorite was carrying
them in his mouth..
by their heads!
I am sure they
are not as sad about his
as I am!!

Simba was an awful watch dog!
HE hid behind me when
he heard loud noises!!
Once he had me walking
around the house with a
BIG stick,
ready to dial 911,
as he cowered
and growled behind me!
His fear was directed towards the kitchen..
turns out the lunch box
on the table,
was casting a shadow..
that freaked him out!

But,in spite of his poor protection skills,
his presence made me feel
less alone!!
At night,
He slept near me
and his groans were comforting
in the dark!

I am alone..A lot!
When the kids are with their dad
I am more often alone
than not..
but a HUGE hairy dog
takes space...
shares breath...
shows affection...
and makes one feel
well...not.. so alone!!

Simba had his issues for sure!
electric chords,
porch screens,
metal doors..
and even a pair of eye glasses!
He never outgrew the chewing stage,
did I mention he ate part of my couch?
We had gates up everywhere!

He also never actually learned
to obey!
He would do the same thing
and get caught every time!
He was my goofy dog!

Oh, how we loved him!
EVEN when he made us nuts!!!

I will miss him...
I will miss his presence..
I will miss the way he looked at me..
and how he bumped my hand
with his head
when he wanted some love!
I will miss sighing and saying,
"oh Simba..not again"..
when he ate something I was sure
was indestructible!
I will miss the way the cats
rubbed up against him,
and slept near him at night!
I will miss so much....
and for the moment,
I am remembering
how alone,
alone can really feel!


  1. I oh so feel your pain but rest asure, you did what was best for him. Hugs and thoughts are headed your way!

  2. they become one of the family. So hard. Hope it gets a little easier on you all.

  3. I'm so sorry. I'm having to think about placing my standard poodle with a rescue.She's began growling at the little kids, or anyone really, and I'm afraid it might escalate. It's a hard decision to make but it sounds like you made the right one.

  4. Oh dear! Poor Simba! Poor you!! I know how it feels to lose a furbaby!
    You id the right thing for him.
    Hugging you

  5. I had to return my dog to the rescue centre he came from. He was okay when it was only the ex-wife and I but when she fell pregnant I am afraid he had to go.

    He had arthritis and, when it hit him, would snap and snarl at anyone around him. I have the scars to show for it.

    I miss that mingy mutt!