Friday, June 10, 2011

Two Big Events..1 lifetime to take it all in...

Nassua, Bahamas
About to get on the cruise
Floor seats at Taylor Swift

What a big weekend we had.
Starting with a concert..
where by the luck of the draw,
I bought us floor seats
to Taylor Swift!
It was truly amazing...
My girls first concert,
completely unforgettable!!

The next day we left
for our first family cruise!
Huge in so many ways..
we saved pennies and change.
I saved what I earned..
and I was able to pay it off
in cash...
I was thrilled to do this!!

We had a ball..
but it was also hard!!
It was stressful being the
only parent...
one adult..
three kids!
They wanted to do
different things,
and needed to be
in different places-
I was the only
cruise director
on duty!
They are still a bit
young to wander a ship alone..
so, when they needed to go,
I went too..
when they were ready
to come back,
I was there waiting!
I came home quite exhausted,
and a little surprised!!
It has only been
in thinking it over
that I have come to
why it felt stressful in
and remembered that there is
when one does it alone...

Over all..
it was wonderful
and I hope we get to
do it again!!!
The funny part-
A huge ship..
2 different ports...
fancy dinners..
and cool bunk beds..
and the thing
my kids remember the most??
24 hour a day
Love it!!

Now back to reality

and once more
I store the memories
and save the pictures....
and am deeply
to have been able
to do this
with my little
family of four!


  1. So glad you had fun... and not surprise you were tired. I'm one of those who has a blast, but always feels like she needs a vacation from her vacation!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time. You deserve it. Your kids deserve it!.
    Wonderful life long memories

  3. It sounds like you all had a lot of fun! I can totally understand the stress that you talk about though. It is great to get away from everything and just be with the kids, but it downright impossible to please everyone every second of the day. You are only one person, with an army of 3 kids to entertain, and that is a LOT of work. Being a single parent can be hard work Debbie. I applaud you for such a big trip all on your own & hope you get to enjoy more in the future.