Saturday, June 11, 2011

Its hard to share!!

I have blogged a lot
about the relationship
my ex and I have...
its as good as it gets,
short of being BFF's
or crossing healthy boundaries!

We are able to do things
we talk about the kids...
and we communicate!

But, I admit..
sometimes its hard to share!

Its not so much
that I have to share the time!
Its that I do not get to share
in all the moments!!

their dad and I
talked about the cruise..
as much as I would like to
go again..
he would like to take them too..
so next year is his!
but, in a perfect world...
I would be on every vacation...
in a perfect world..
so would he.

sometimes, I take them to a movie
or concert
he wished he had..
and sometimes
he takes them to do something
I wish I could have done too...

Its not about anger
or resentment!
Its just about life!

When I became a mother
and envisioned a future...
I pictured the moments,
and never saw
fractured events!
I never imagined
that I would be hearing
about vacations
or movies
or parks..
rather then sharing in the
I am sure their dad feels
the same way!

There is no way around it!
We have done the best with
what we have!
We respect each others
need for memories and moments..
We both put the kids needs
above our own..
We are both willing
to share...
its just not always easy!

Then again...
the kids are loved
and spoiled times two!!
That is ALL good!


  1. I admire y'all for being able to be friendly, and it sounds like, truly co-parent. My ex and I are not there and I don't think we ever will be. Things came crashing down too fast.

  2. The "we" and "us" has been torn asunder and I imagine it can still hurt!! It is good you both put the kids first but still....there are holes
    Hugging you

  3. I feel the same way. Thanks for putting it so eloquently.